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"If you were stranded on a desert island what would you bring?"

At some point we've all played this game.

Here at YourLoveIsland, we take food and shelter for granted and invite you to create your own desert island lists of Pop Culture!

Which ten Celebrities would you want to be stranded with?

Which ten Fictional Characters?

After your pick your companions which ten TV Shows, Movies, Games, CDs, Books, and Songs would you bring?

You can share your YourLoveIsland lists with your friends via email or by linking to your webpage or MySpace.

Then come chat in the Forums and shop for merchandise in our Store!

And best of all YourLoveIsland is 100% free!

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YourLoveIsland is currently in Open Beta!

This Means:
  • You can sign up for an account!
  • You can add items to YourLoveIsland.
  • You can view YourLoveIsland.
  • You can publish YourLoveIsland.
  • Will will be performing administrative updates on items only once per day.
  • The search and FAQ sections are not open yet.
  • The Forums are still in the testing phase.
  • There might be bugs and we are working them out!

So have fun, tell some of your friends, and report all bugs to Jared Bendis.


Number of Islands: -
Number of Celebrities: -
Number of TV Shows: -
Number of Movies: -
Number of Games: -
Number of CDs: -
Number of Songs: -
Number of Characters: -

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Celebrity: ---
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